Website Creation

Do you need to design a website, or perhaps yours could use some updating?

Maybe you don’t know that your website needs to be updated…let us ask you some questions to help you figure it out…

  1. Is your site mobile friendly? You can test this by going to Google on a mobile device and do a search for your domain. Under the name of your site, you should see the words “Mobile-friendly”. You may think “Who cares if it’s mobile friendly or not?” Well, the answer is “Google does!” Mobile-friendly sites move to the top of the searches. In addition, it’s more convenient for customers, or potential customers to just tap on your phone number to dial.
  2. Does your site have Flash on it? Google now blocks all Flash sites. It was great a few years ago for animation, but there are many more current, effective ways to show animation on your website.
  3. Do your pages not look consistent from one to another? Perhaps you’ve been making changes little by little over the years and haven’t noticed that there are different fonts, different colors and different messaging from page to page. Your website should be consistent with your overall branding…including business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.
  4. Are there more than 8 main links on your home page? It’s confusing to a visitor when they can’t figure out where to click for the information they are seeking. While these days, content is “king”, there is such a thing as TOO much content that overwhelms a visitor.
  5. Have you checked out your competition? If your biggest competitor has released a new website in the last year, they’re KILLING you on search results.
  6. Do you have an SSL certificate? If not, Google doesn’t like you very much…they push sites with SSL certificates higher than those without.

Blue Dog can’t wait to give your existing site a boost, or create a brand new one for you! Give our doghouse a bark M-F from 8:00am – 4:30pm and talk with one of our web specialists. Our phone number is 610-430-7992. If you prefer to email, please send a message to

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